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If you want to find out why Timisoara is also called "The Small Vienna" or how the city looked like back in 1522 when the Banat region was a Turkish Pashalic... if you want to find out how the city was conquered by the Austrians, where the first Austro-Hungarian public hospital used to be or how Timisoara became the first city in the Continental Europe to have electrically illuminated streets... if you want to discover the history of the beautiful buildings and monuments in the city center... if you want to make a 1 or 2 day trip in Banat or in Transilvania... or if you only wish to discover the taste of the wine from Banat...

  • City tours on foot or by car;
  • Leisure time activities in the surrounding regions of Timisoara;
  • Ticketing;
  • Hotel booking;
  • Rent a car.

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